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Air Curtain

Aeromech™ Aircurtain acts as an invisible barrier isolating adjoining areas. The standard unit act as a thermal barrier. The thermal cum pest barrier version is also available. Airflow may be horizontally across or Vertically downwards.
To prevent cold air from pushing its way in , To prevent warm air from disappearing out the door, Keep fresh air by preventing pollution, Dust, Insects , Reduce the heating energy loses, Cold draughts elimination.
Air Curtains offer large benefits to the food industry, distribution and retail trade within the food sector. By installing an air curtain, the door to a room can be left open while keeping the temperature at a constant low level. In the processing, storage and transport of the articles of food this works efficiently while the door does not have to be opened and closed continuously for passing trucks. Let us take an example of Supermarket where sales promoting is efficient due to air curtains for chill room where fresh food is kept.

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