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Biosafety Cabinet Certification

Aeromech™  offers a complete range of documentation and testing services to ensure that your biological  safety cabinetry provides the necessary clean air and containment for your work processes and your personnel.

- HEPA/ULPA Filter Installation Leak Test
- Airflow Velocity Profile Test
- Airflow Smoke Pattern Test
- Downflow Airflow Velocity and Volume Test
- Inflow Airflow Velocity and Volume Test
- Decontamination with Para formaldehyde
- Particle Counting Test
- Noise Level Test
- Light Intensity Test
-Filter Pressure Drop Test
-UV Light Test

In addition, Aeromech also offers the following secondary
maintenance services:
- Supply and Installation of Pre-filters and HEPA Filters
- Supply and Installation of Blower
- Repair of Stainless Steel and/or Perforated Table Top
- Electrical/Mechanical Safety Checks
- Repair of Front Hinged Window or Sash

All biohazard safety cabinets are certified to Class 100 or higher cleanliness standards in accordance to ISO 14644 and NSF 49  & EN 12469 Standard for Laminar Flow/ Biohazard Cabinetry and all customers will be issued with an official certification report documenting the performance of their unit(s).