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Vertical laminar Airflow – IVF Application

Aeromech™ offers international standard IVF Version Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinets that have been designed specifically for polymerase chain reaction applications. Different than conventional dead air boxes, this enclosure features ISO Class 5 (US Federal Standard 209E Class 10) product protection standard within the work zone by vertical laminar airflow. The system is unique, superior and economical alternative to conventional dead-air boxes and passive chambers, which are traditionally used for IVF applications.

The IVF Version Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinets provide a particulate-free work environment and isolates critical steps in the IVF process from contamination present in the ambient environment. The system can be operated effectively as "mini-environments" in clean rooms, and also in laboratory. The system has a positively pressurized interior ensuring that contamination from the ambient environment cannot enter the work zone.

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