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Powder Containment Booth - Powder Sampling Booth
Aeromech™ Powder Containment Dispensing/Sampling booths, which are ideal to control the hazardous emissions of powder dust during powder dispensing/Sampling processes. The booth controls the emission of powders without any risk to the operator and product. The downdraught of HEPA filtered air from the booth prevents airborne dusts caused by handling operation away from the operator’s breathing zone. The air is forced downwards and is extracted at low level into the booth's filtration system. These powder sampling booths are available in Stainless Steel, GI Powder coated with epoxy PU coated finish. They are of international quality and performance standard offering efficient services.

Special Features
  • Designed in accordance with WHO-GMP
  • Heavy duty Low noise motor blower assembly
  • 3-Stage Filtration like Prefilter, Fine Filter, HEPA filter
  • Suitable to accommodate to floor & table balances

Model No. CPS 326 CPS 336 CPD 4366
Working Area L 900 x W 600 x H 1950 L 900 x W 900 x H 1950 L 1200 x W 900 x H 1950
* All dimensions are in mm, custom sizes are also available.
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