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Essentra Porous Technologies swabs and applicators provide you with an excellent source of superior products for use in a wide range of specialized cleaning tasks.


  • Non-abrasive
  • Absorbent
  • Dispense liquids evenly
  • Additional options: can come with an array of useful features including a variety of tips, handles, and presats
Foam Tipped
Each foam tipped swab is made of a special open-celled foam containing 100 pores per square inch. This pore and open cell structure is extremely effective in particle entrapment. These swabs are thermally bonded, durable and non-abrasive. They are compatible with most organic solvents and cleaning compounds.
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Fabric tipped
Fabric tipped swabs are extremely durable, consisting of the same 100% continuous filament polyester found in PURITY WIPES, utilized in Class 10 cleanrooms. These swabs are especially low in chemical extractables and particle counts. They have exceptional "scrubability" and cleaning power and are especially compatible with acetone.
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Cotton tipped
Cotton tipped applicators are made from the purest white cotton available. Their tips are extremely soft and absorbent.
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